Service Description

Give the appearance of full, thick, and feathery arches with this newest Eyebrow trend also know as a Brow Lift and tint. This treatment helps you misbehaved brows hairs that have a mind of its own, sprouting out in different directions to lie straight in the right direction and the perfectly groomed shape you see all over #instagram. Adding the tint to the procedure give you extra color on your brow hair. Depending on your hair growth cycle, the brow lamination can last up 6 -8 weeks and the tint itself up to 2 weeks.
Contradiction for Brow Lamination include but are not limited to:
– Psoriasis/ Eczema
– Recent Eye Surgery
– Alopecia
– Recent Permanent Makeup ( must be healed by 6 weeks)
– Sunburn
– Ultra Sensitive Skin
– Blood Thinners
– Pink Eye
– Scar Tissue in the treatment area
– Pregnant/ Breast Feeding
– Brow Growth Serums
– Retinol
– Accutane
– AHA, BHA etc.
– Very curly brows
Lacquer Brow Lamination is not compatible with Henna.

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