The Long-Pulsed Yag laser reduces vascular lesions, commonly known as spider veins, by using energy to heat, damage, and collapse targeted blood vessels. Technicians can also utilize the Long-Pulsed Yag to remove different types of vascular lesions, including cherry angioma.

The 2940nm Long Pulsed YAG Laser allows the practitioner to precisely treat visible vessels, broken capillaries, spider veins, and vascular lesions by using laser energy. The treatment is tailored to match one’s skin condition and desired result. All skin areas can be treated with the LPY laser.

The Spectrum’s long pulsed Yag laser will diminish the appearance of existing veins on the face and legs. Once the laser light is applied to the skin, it enters the vein, where the energy from the laser is absorbed and the vein walls collapse and seal shut, eliminating the vein’s appearance on the skin. Eliminating veins with the long pulsed Yag laser is quick and effective.

The laser gives energy to the skin, which is absorbed by blood vessels, scars, port wine stains, hemangiomas, and other vascular lesions. This relatively quick, comfortable procedure can eliminate blood vessels by precise tissue heating, i.e. energy is directed against the vessels alone and does not alter the surrounding skin. Usually, the vessels collapse during the treatment session, but there can be some post-treatment redness and swelling. Following treatment sessions with aggressive sun protection practices can produce longer-lasting results and prevent formation of similar lesions.

Treatment of vascular lesions such as telangiectasias, spider veins, hemangiomas, and leg veins.

Discomfort is minimal and is usually compared to the “snap of a rubber band.” Multiple treatments may be required to achieve your desired result.

Discontinue any medications / supplements that may thin your blood unless prescribed by doctor. You may wish to bring a pair of shorts to wear during your treatment if having your legs treated.

Depending on the area treated, some swelling and irritation may occur. However, most treatments have little to no down time and few side effects. Avoid sunlight and use sunscreen or antibiotic ointments to promote healing and prevent damage. Anti-aging skin care products may be prescribed by your doctor. If a scab forms, it should not be picked or scarring may occur.

Do’s – Cold packs to reduce redness/swelling, use SPF, wear compression garment/support for 3-5 days as
needed (best results with longer wear).

Do not’s – exercise for 3 days, take hot baths/showers, use hot tubs/saunas or have any alcohol/blood thinners for
5 days.

Depends on size of area, each area can take 15 minutes or less.

No, there is no downtime.

Best results to be seen after 1-2 treatments. Leg vein resolution usually takes 8-12 weeks. At the end of this process, some vessels may be gone while others may be lighter or not affected. Can be a series of treatments for some veins. Additionally, the further down on the body, the more stubborn veins can be to disappear.

Recommended a series of 3.

Discomfort, skin irritation, discoloration, sensation of mild sunburn. Sometimes the pigment cells can be damaged leaving darker or paler patches of skin. White patches or scars are rarely permanent.

Yes, for skin types I-III.

Treatment costs based on area and quantity of sessions.

Candidacy for long pulsed YAG laser treatments are dependent upon many factors, including age and overall health, the extent of your spider or varicose veins, your symptoms, your goals, and what your provider expects your condition to be in the future. However, the most common candidates are those with cherry angiomas, matted and superficial vessels, or visible spider veins.